Brief History

Bunkerhill Baptist Church, as it is called today, was founded in approximately 1853 in a log cabin. The church burned down, and after rebuilding, became a Presbyterian Church with a circuit riding preacher.

The church invited Rev. Herb White, a Baptist preacher, to hold evangelistic meetings and experienced revival with several accepting the Lord as Saviour.  Feeling that they could not remain under the teaching of the Presbyterian Church they met in the garage of Richard and Joyce Reimsnider in Butler, Ohio.

The congregation then rented and renovated an old farm house across from the Presbyterian Church, and begin holding services. They sang so loud that many from the Presbyterian Church came over to see what all the excitement was about, got saved and stayed.

The Presbyterian Church begin to decline in attendance until the decision was made to close it.  Bunkerhill Baptist Church offered to buy the building and, after a lengthy process, received the title to the property in 1985.


Bunkerhill Baptist Church 3340 State Route 97, Butler, OH 44822